Modern isn’t traditional.
It isn’t stuck in the past.
Modern is a mindset.

Eating modern is about finding a new way—a better way—to create new habits and sustain them. It’s about defining what really matters to us—whether it be whole body health, clean eating or animal well-being—and make it a way of living. At Modern Table, we choose wholesome, GMO-free and gluten-free foods to share with the world. We like to think of this as doing our part to shift the mindset of modern to be less about excess and more about good, wholesome living.

We created Modern Table because we believe that the foods we love to eat can also be the foods we want to eat. So, are you in? Let's do this together—navigate the new—and pave the way for what it means to #eatmodern.


We are proud to say that our noodles are made with 3 simple ingredients. It’s all part of the passion we have for providing gluten free, non-GMO protein pasta for people who eat like they give a damn.


What if more food companies thought beyond the bottom line? What if we cared just as much about the package as we care about the food that goes in it? What if it became the status quo to require packaging you can recycle? Now there's an idea. It starts with a recyclable box, but where it goes next is up to all of us.

  • plant-based
    Plant Based
  • no-art-pres
    No Artificial Preservatives
  • gluten-free
    Gluten Free
  • muscle-health
    Complete Protein
  • non-gmo

Mealtime is a Social Gathering

Share your favorites with our community. #EatModern

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